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There is a saying...  Mutton Dressed As Lamb.  The Fashion HIstory Museam exoplains this saying.... ‘Mutton’ (the name for meat from a mature sheep) was a play on the word ‘Matron’, a word that in 1810 was becoming associated with aging aunties and humourless chaperones who wouldn’t let their charges dance the waltz.  I could write a whole PHD just on this.  Effectively this saying hits my core as a middle aged woman I am working at accepting my age and changes and trying to embrace them with pride as a sign of my privilaged life.


I wanted to mess with this and make a point - though subtle and switched it around.  


I originally dyed this to complement a lace weight 'Oh My Gawd!'.  Knitting or crocheting with two strands together producing another whloe beautiful fabric.  


On its own it also shines!


Dynamite 4ply | 100% Superwash Merino Wool | Approx. 400m per 100gm


Dynamite 4ply Sock | 75% Super Merino Wool/25% Nylon | Approx. 425 per 100gm


Atomic 4ply | 100% Super Merino Wool | Approx. 366m per 100gm


Dynamite 8ply DK | 100% Superwash Merino Wool | Approx. 225m per 100gm


Dynamite 8ply DK Sock | 75% Super Wash Merino /25% Nylon | Approx. 225m per 100gm


Dynamite 10ply Aran | 100% Merino | Approx. 166m per 100g

Lamb Dressed As Mutton

GST Included
  • It is best to hand wash gently in warm water, using a neutral non Eucalyptus wool wash. The merino has been treated so it can be cleaned in a washing machine. Put your item into a delicate wash bag, use the wool wash setting and a gentle wool detergent. Eucalyptus based wool wash has been known to strip colour, so over time, it may effect the colour of the yarn.

    Dry in the shade and store your knitted/crochet item flat. If you wish to iron your item, have it on the medium setting.


  • I spend a lot of time working on the images to be as colour accurate as possible. There may be colour variation due to computer screen resolutions. There are also colour variations due to the nature of hand dyed yarns.

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