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A Creator Trying To Build A Website!

Confused Lady Looking at her computer with yarn samples.  AI produced
Confused Lady, Her Computer and Yarn

For customers to find me,  I need a website. Making a website that REALLY works for you is another whole knowledge base far beyond what I can do.  I have tried.  I have spent FAR too much time (and money) trying to do this.  I did build my first website - with MUCH frustration.  It was okay.  It was just okay to be honest.

I am a #creator - I dye yarn.  I just did not have the capacity to give the technology the time no matter how much the web platforms promised they would make it so easy.  I wanted to build an independent one as the e-commerce ones just did not meet everything I wanted to achieve, or liked.

With the world wide web I needed something better.  Less clunky.  Better for customer experience etc etc.  So I found a web maker.  She had a seriously tight time line but she built me a #website!  It was a better site for the customer and I was a lot less stressed!  Then she went on maternity leave.

Again I decided I could do this myself.  After six months I could see a few things that needed sorting and my #SEO (search engine optimization) revisited.  Again I spent A LOT of time on it.  It did not take me as long to go ‘no I am going to find someone’.  Another six months in I resigned myself to needing help.

This is hard.  Trusting someone else with your #website - the damage that can be done so quickly is truly terrifying.  After a bit of scouting around locally I resorted to Airtasker.  I found someone and even thought it was the Christmas/New Year time she whipped it up into much better shape.  She was truly magic to work with.  It was also a good time for me because I actually had the head space to give it.

What is this headspace thing.  When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I never felt mentally at capacity.  Now just hit my 50’s.  FAR.OUT.  My brain seems to ooze a lot now with any level of thinking.

What takes a lot of my thinking capacity?  Social media frankly, oh and self confidence. It is an absolute time sucker and honestly you spend far too long making a nice photo with good info and in less than 24 hours.  NEXT!  I think also my desire to give EVERYTHING 100% makes this a whole damn lot harder.

I want to be sharing what I do with people.  I want to connect with like minded folk and be DELIGHTED (and see their delight) in what they make with the colours I create.

Back to my web lady.  She said (and so did the previous one)  I really need to start blogging.  People want to read about you and what you do to make Bombed Yarns happen.

OKAY OKAY.  SO here is my first post and it won’t be my last.  I am aiming - AIMING for one a week (roaring with laughter).

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